Saturday, January 9, 2016

Hello Everyone It's Icky.

Hello everyone it's Icky Ichabod.  I am a poet, musician, and lover of all things Halloween and spooky.  Halloween is fast closing in and I am excited and bewildered at the same time.  I spend a good part of the year waiting for it and then it happens and is over until next year.

I usually begin watching scary movies in early September and then keep going until November.  It's not just Old Hallows Eve that I enjoy it's the whole of fall.  The weather is mostly nice, things are kind of winding down for winter, and there are lots of festivals and activities this time of year.

Well with that said I am going to give you a poem from my book Paranormal Poems that is available on Amazon (HINT, HINT).  With that said enjoy.

Halloween Day

Across the world on Halloween day,
Ghosts will haunt, and goblins will play.

Spiders are known to hide under beds,
And jump through the air onto boys and girls heads.

Black cats may be seen crossing the street,
And bringing bad luck to those that they meet.

Jack-O-Lanterns smile their menacing grins,
As light shines out from candles within.

Vampire bats and witches will fly,
Under the moon in the spooky night sky.

Monsters of all shapes and sizes you'll see,
As they're playing their tricks, while looking for treats.

And if you are lucky on Old Hallows' Eve,
A bag full of goodies, you may just receive.

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